Kinyeti Venture Capital is a private equity investment company that makes equity and loan investments in profitable enterprises in South Sudan. The investment company was established in 2012 as a joint venture between Norfund and SwedFund.

We take our name from Mt. Kinyeti, one of South Sudan's highest points, which speaks to the aspirations that we have for our investments and their role in building a thriving private sector in South Sudan.


The investment company aims to deliver attractive returns to our investors while creating wealth and employment in the country. Kinyeti Venture Capital is not an NGO, nor does it offer concessionary lending. We prefer, assuming everything else is comparable, a 40% IRR to a 10% IRR, because Kinyeti was founded on the premise that a thriving and profitable private sector is a crucial aspect of meeting development goals in South Sudan.

Kinyeti Venture Capital's vision is to:

  • Assist in building the private sector in South Sudan by offering risk capital to entrepreneurs and to growing businesses.
  • Build a sustainable PE/Venture company as a vehicle for future Norfund/Swedfund investments in South Sudan.
  • Have a capital base greater than USD 50M and be regarded as the preferred partner for SME financing in South Sudan within 5 years.

Kinyeti Venture Capital always invests in partnership with the entrepreneur and, sometimes, in association with other investors. When we invest through equity, we take minority positions, relying on our partner for technical and operational execution. We invest in teams that have the vision and are motivated to build profitable and sustainable businesses. On our part, we provide financial, technical and managerial support to ensure their long-term success.

Our management team is based full time in Juba with support from our investors' resources in the regional headquarters.

The operational / technical assistance component of the investment company's activities is funded in part by a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway. This Technical Assistance grant funding is not part of the venture capital that is invested by Kinyeti. Kinyeti has chosen to structure the operational / technical assistance programme as a repayable, interest free loan to ensure the long term sustainability of the program and in particular, to encourage startup and green-field ventures.