Investment Criteria

We seek profitable businesses with the following features:

  • The ability to generate strong, sustainable cash flows and deliver an IRR of at least 30%.
  • An investment requirement of between US$50,000 and US$1,500,000. This may be structured as an equity investment, or as a participating/convertible loan. The entrepreneur must have evidence of what he or she will contribute to the venture in cash or assets.
  • A management team, with a relevant track record, exists or can be mobilized (as we cannot provide management expertise). This team should be open to working with active and involved hands-on investors.
  • An initial offering price is in place. This will help us quickly decide whether the opportunity is attractive.
  • Clear opportunities to exit exist.

Funding Criteria
Geographic Focus The investment company will invest only in companies incorporated in, or enterprises considering expansion into, South Sudan.
Company Stage The investment company will invest in startups and expansion-stage companies.
Industry Focus The investment company has a broad industry focus. While we prefer agribusinesses, education, healthcare, and general industry, our mandate expressly excludes pure trading activities (such as import-export business), the manufacture of hard liquor, firearms, and tobacco.
Investment Size The investment company will invest US$50,000 to $1,500,000 in each portfolio company. The investment company will generally invest in two or more rounds based on the accomplishment of milestones by the portfolio company.
Type of Security The investment company generally will make equity investments in preferred stock and loan investments in convertible or participating loans.
Investment Term The anticipated time for holding a typical investment is three to five years.
Likely Exit Scenarios The most likely exit scenarios are trade sales or buyouts by the entrepreneur. However, other exit scenarios are possible.
Co-investors The investment company will be a sole investor in many cases given that it takes higher risk than other investors are typically able to. Occasionally, in cases where the required investment exceeds our maximum investment size, Kinyeti may invest as part of an investment syndicate or co-invest in a round led by another institutional investor. When appropriate, the investment company will co-invest with Norfund, SwedFund, and other financial institutions.

Entrepreneurs with businesses or business plans that meet the above criteria in South Sudan are invited to contact us or to submit their invitation to invest to us for our consideration.

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