Technical/Operational Assistance

In addition to equity and loan investments, Kinyeti Venture Capital can provide tailor-made operational / technical assistance (TA) to its actual and potential portfolio companies at no cost to those companies.

TA services covered are diverse, and may include:

  • Preparation of business plan or feasibility studies
  • Recruitment and training of management and personnel
  • Legal assistance for business formation or reorganization (but not litigation)
  • Implementation of customized accounting or information systems (including internet)
  • Engineering or other technical services to create or enhance production or distribution of products or services
  • Development of marketing plans and related market research
  • Enhancement of the development impact in the businesses' immediate community

Potential investment candidates should be prepared to outline the types of professional assistance / support they may require from Kinyeti.

The technical / operational assistance component of Kinyeti Venture Capital's activities is funded in part by a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway. This Technical Assistance grant funding is not part of the venture capital that is invested by Kinyeti.

Kinyeti may chose to structure the operational / technical assistance programme as a repayable, interest free loan to ensure the long term sustainability of the program and in particular, to encourage startup and greenfield ventures.