Highlights of investee companies by Kinyeti Venture Capital.

  • Logali House


    Logali House is a boutique hotel with a rich history of South Sudan. The Hotel has 18 rooms and offers both restaurant and bar services. Logali House is a popular meeting point in Juba. Kinyeti has invested USD 415,475 in the purchase of solar power equipment and an upgrade of the Hotel. The Hotel previously relied 100% of diesel generator but now enjoys huge cost saving by having solar power.

  • Tondoro Trading


    Tondoro Trading is a leading supplier of motor cycle spares in South Sudan. The Company has six outlets withi Juba and its environs. Motor cycles are one of the most common form of transport in South Sudan for the general population. A large number of the youth are employed as either cyclists or repairers of the motorcycles. Kinyeti provided funding of USD 280,000 to be used to finance the purchase of stock for the company.

  • Das handling Juba


    Das handling Juba is ground handling company based in Juba International airport. The company offers both passenger and cargo handling for Kenya Airways and Rwanda Air. Kinyeti invested USD 300,000 in the company to finance the purchase of ground handling equipment.

  • Nono sons Inc


    Nono sons Inc. is a water purification and bottling company based in Torit Town in Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan. The financing was used to purchase water bottling and purification equipment. The project is expected to provide clean water at fair prices within the state .

  • Da Genesis medical center

    Health Sector

    Da Genesis medical center is health service provider offering both inpatient and out-patient services in Juba South Sudan. Kinyeti invested USD 225,000 to be used to finance the purchase of X-ray equipment, dental unit and laboratory equipment.